Scanner Collages -These images were based off of and inspired by dreams I was having which often included an intensity not typically felt in my waking life. Experiences of guilt, of violence, as well as peace fueled the imagery. 

Art Student ID Portraits - After working in a photography lab for a few years I began to notice that a lot of student's IDs took on various degrees of wear and tear from constant usage. Thanks to the high resolution capabilities of the scanner, pixels, scratches, and other effects are made visible to create a unique form of portraiture. 

Found Objects + Color Reversal - As soon as I started experimenting with the scanner, I'd scan anything and everything I could get my hands on and then reverse the original colors.

Letter Abstraction Experiment- Given the natural effects that can be achieved with the flatbed scanner, I wanted to see how I could manipulate the letters of vintage signs through what I call 'natural scanner abstractions' where I move the polaroid around while the scanner was photographing.